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Skinny Love


This article first appeared on https://misskoyiet.wordpress.com

You would be forgiven for thinking that body worries are far from the brain. Most people are struggling with whatever size they are, some want to get fat while others want to cut off weight. However, you should not equate your happiness to your physical appearance, you’ll lose big time. One day you are fat and the next day none of your clothes fit.

I’ve always considered myself the right size, not big obviously but not too skinny either. However, the snide comments that I heard every Goddamn day made me feel like I was anorexic. Do you eat? Wont the wind blow you off?

My best friend recently lost weight and, this being a new thing for her, it wasn’t that welcoming. To make matters worse, everyone was used to her being slightly big. With the weight loss came derogatory remarks from every corner, people can be so callous though. As a good friend I had a lot of mending and self-image to boost since I was always the skinny one and was used to the shade for the longest time ever.

This may be new to most people but I’m completely confident with who I am, I am mostly quiet, creative, stylish and my friends can affirm that I’m the funniest amongst them (for real). However, the feeling of not being enough or less than, does not go away easily. I also have days of self-doubt when I wear my favorite skinny jeans or sleeveless tops. However, I refuse to pay attention to who is right or wrong on what I should be or what to wear.

We are far from being perfect. I have spent too much trying to explain why I’m skinny or tiny, which did not even make sense to me. Like I’m also trying to figure that out and I hope we all get the answers.

On my highest days of confidence, I will appreciate others regardless of their appearance. I will not manipulate my appearance for others to see me from their angle or be compared to unrealistic body standards.

To my best friend, you are beautiful, strong and I Love you.

Your biggest Fan.