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Everybody Needs Help


While it might seem as a no brainer that everyone will need help once in a while, it is also true that not everyone asks for help. In the book ‘9 lies that are holding your business back’ by Steve Chandler and Sam Beckerford, the two authors whose core business is to help struggling businesses turn around their fortunes, used real life experiences to come up with nine facts holding back businesses. They listed the 9 as follows:

  1. Just need to know (how to do this)
  2. It takes money to make money
  3. We just need to get our name out there
  4. Experience will benefit me
  5. Lowering prices boosts business
  6. You have to be tightfisted
  7. Customers are hard to figure out
  8. I don’t need any help
  9. I am a victim of circumstances

Lie #8 ‘I don’t need help ‘especially stood out for me. In the book, the authors carry out consulting work for businesses that have failed or are on the verge of failure and are making loses. They help run and turn them around to profitability. The businesses that approach them are given strategies and new methods of re-entering the market and are advised on how to handle clients. They have proven that the business owners who implement and follow through with these instructions usually turn their businesses around. However, the authors often come across others who conclude that their advice is a waste of time and money and before long these businesses close shop.

We all need help! It just depends on the situation or the type of need. From the time we are born, we wholly depend on our parents and especially moms for nourishment and proper growth. Being new parents, my wife and I got all the help we needed and more, as we were ‘relatively green’ in this new adventure. Days before and after the birth of our daughter and we were shocked that small acts of kindness meant a lot and went along way. We could have just said we had it under control but that would have been a huge lie. Friends and family would chip in and pull their weight; others would volunteer to literally take over our chores so that we could get rest for a few minutes.

Experience has taught me that first you have to acknowledge that you need help and you have to be very specific about it. Then you have to identify the various avenues of help and their ability to fulfill the need and you also have to evaluate the material or content of this help. It’s like when you need a plumber, you don’t just go to anyone who calls themselves a plumber and you give them the job, you will have to do your own diligence to get someone who will do the job well. It now looks a bit technical when I put it like this...Doesn’t it?

EVERYBODY NEEDS HELPNeeding help stems out of lack, when we feel in adequate or incapable of doing or reaching a desired end on our own. This generation is fed on the mantra of ‘believe in yourself’ ‘trust in yourself you can do it’ ‘be self-made’ that’s ok. You have to give your abilities and talents a try. It’s only when it’s taken too far that the proverbial red line is crossed .Many people struggle in life alone and yet help might just be around the corner. I don’t know if you have ever searched for something so hard and when you are about to throw in the towel you discover that the person next to you had it all this time. You just needed to ask. What’s the worst that can happen anyway when you ask for help? If someone says no then go to the next person.

We all have our secret struggles and wouldn’t want to ‘air our dirty laundry’ out there, but my point is that one doesn’t have to sleep hungry, lose out on a career or an opportunity simply because of fear of what people will say. One thing am never shy about is asking for help. We also have to show that we have tried it and failed. It’s easier to convince a person by showing them how much progress you have made in pursuit of your goal and failed than not to have done anything at all. You have to know the reason why you need help you have to own the problem. If you deny that the problem exists and that you need help, then you end up wallowing in it for a long time. You have to accept that you need help and be very specific about it.

Even the bible talks of ‘ask and it shall be given, knock and the door shall be open.

Observing a new born is quite amazing, they only understand basic stuff. When they are hungry or uncomfortable they cry, and they are good at that, then they sleep like the angels they are. Adults are complicated. You wake up one day and your tastes and preferences for life and anything and everything is totally different .I believe everyone wants to be original and chart their own path for success at life and career but that’s not always the case- you will find someone out there with more skills and talent than you and other have gone ahead and paved the path. If we look at the lives of those we consider to have made it in life, they all had mentors or a reference points. They all knew they wouldn’t make it on their own.

The author of the book concluded the 8th lie as follows;

‘You don’t have to do this by yourself, and you don’t have to have the business fail before you wake up as he did to the truth that says; TO ASK FOR HELP IS TO BE COMMITTED TO SUCCESS


Ref: 9 lies that are holding your business back by S Chandler and S.Beckerford