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5G Health Risks Debunked


We are all aware of the 4G network broadly known as LTE (Long Term Evolution) which over the years has served us with high internet speeds as well as video and voice (VoIP) and in some countries such as the United States receiving speeds of up to 40MBits/second.

Such advancements in technology has allowed us to discover and experience new possibilities such as the ability to call, text and video chat using 4G WIFI at the palm of our hands. However, we also know that technology has no way of stopping and we as users and daily content consumers don’t expect technology advancement to grind to a halt.

In April 2019 Verizon, a US company that provides broadband, wireless and cable services wowed the world by launching its 5G network terming it as “next generation mobile internet connectivity -offering faster speeds and more reliable connections on smartphones and other devices than ever before”.

This seemed like a marketing statement aimed at creating a need in the users as they eagerly awaited its actualization, but true to their word the company (Verizon) has already rolled out their 5G networks in some major cities in the US.

5G is a term for fifth generation, which promises to deliver speeds of up to 10GBits/Second which is 10 to 100 times that of 4G and able to connect 100 times more devices per area with 100% coverage.

Nokia’s head of marketing in Africa and Middle East, Mr. Joachim Wuilmet stated that “The Kenyan government needed to consider setting up a spectrum to enable 5G deployment in the country and join South Africa in the short list of African countries that have started to adopt the technology”.

This sounds BIG Right? However nobody is speaking or highlighting the effects that this new network technology will have on our health. In this regard I hope to enlighten you to some of the risk factors that you should be aware of before the technology lands in Kenya.

In September 2017, doctors and scientist launched the 5G Appeal, a petition which calls for the EU (European Union) to impose a moratorium on the 5G rollout, citing imminent health dangers like increased cancer risks, cellular stress and genetic damage. The petition now has more than 250 signatories.

In March 2019, then Brussels minister of environment Celine Fremault blocked 5G rollout saying she wouldn’t turn the city’s inhabitants into ‘laboratory mice’. Similarly, in Bern, Switzerland, a protest in May 2019 led some administrative areas to block the construction of 5G antennas.

The rollout of this new technology facing its first roadblock abroad, with people in countries such as England & Switzerland who should willingly accept the rollout of 5G are against it, then back home this should ring warning bells in our minds about the safety of this technology.

Electromagnetic radiation is normally emitted by telecom equipment such as mobile phones, WIFI routers, and WIFI receivers which allow them to communicate with each other wirelessly. Little research has proven fruitful to show the correlation of electromagnetic radiation and electro-hypersensitivity which is believed to be caused by radiation, but more people are getting concerned and aware of new technology being unveiled which may impact negatively on their life.

Users and scientists are getting more concerned with radiations that are being released by 5G antennas. With some being positioned right outside their doorstep, there’s a fear that this poses a new health risk and it’s only a matter of time before new health dangers are discovered.

We are all in constant move to achieve the best in our lives at our workplace, homes, places of worship etc. but we forget that it requires a sound mind, keeping body fit and being in good health to perform all these tasks with maximum efficiency.

5G is a game changer in the world of technology but is it a game changer to our health? It’s ok to remain accommodating of new technology being introduced into our lives, but as we a hurry to adopt the new technology lets spare a thought to the impact it may have on our personal health.

5G is here to stay and its here to make our lives easier and more productive but you’re better being safe than sorry.